The big C and little Me


Here is a wonderful poem from our fantastic supporter, Kirsty, about her cancer story.

“3 years today I diagnosed with big C,
I did think for a second, why me?
I was as fit as a fiddle at 40 years old
No sign of an illness so I’d been told!

A lump in my breast was the first deadly sign,
So an ultrasound at The Spire confirmed my big find!
45 minutes after I entered the room,
The news of the big C hit me with a boom!

Surgery, chemo and radio for me,
6 months of treatment and then I’d be free.
7 more operations followed on from this,
A season pass at The Spire wouldn’t have gone amiss.

I cycled & ran throughout this time,
Keeping active was a favourite of mine!
A positive mental attitude was what I needed,
And exercise did this so I succeeded!

Losing my long locks was a bit of a shock,
But the bold look I really did try to rock!
3 years on my hair is a short bob,
Bright red in colour, a right proper job!

The bionic women has nothing on me,
Bionic parts are in places for free!
My last operation took place this week,
The icing on the cake, so to speak.

There have been a few scares along the way,
But I’m still here; hip hip hurray!
My heart, chest and bones have recently been checked,
All in working order with no big C specks!

So 3 years down the line and I’m doing just fine,
A roller coaster of emotions throughout this time.
So I write this poem on a positive note,
And hope you smiled at what I wrote!

Pam Ayres has nothing on me!!”

Thanks Kirsty, a beautiful poem and really shows just what you’ve been through. We’re so pleased everything is all okay now – thanks for your support.